Laser Therapy

Do you suffer from:

  • Headaches?
  • Weight gain?
  • Stiffness?
  • Allergies?
  • Anxiety?
  • Digestive issues?
  • Tobacco addiction?
  • Frequent illness?
  • Pain?
  • Inflammation?
  • Fatigue?
  • Skin problems?
  • Insomnia
  • And more….

The AURA PTL 11 Clinical Program is a breakthrough solution to eliminate most chronic conditions.

Imagine eating whatever you wanted with the security that it wouldn’t result in an allergic reaction…or bending down without back pain…or quitting smoking and avoiding the terrible withdrawal symptoms.

Start Living Stress-Free and Pain-Free With the Healing Power of Laser Therapy!

Low level light therapy lasers are non-invasive and painless. The PTL 11 Clinical System integrates laser therapy, acupoint stimulation, and substance specific stress reduction to increase circulation, promote the healing of tissue, reduce inflammation, relieve pain, support the immune system and induce the release of endorphins.

With 74 specific protocols available to we are able to address a range of conditions such as allergies and sensitivities, asthma, focus and concentration, healthy skin, sleep, energy and performance, stress, digestive issues, pain and inflammation, smoking cessation and more. The laser treatment presents information to the body in several ways allowing the body to reset, reboot, and come back into a balanced state, assisting the body to heal on many different levels.

How it works

Laser Therapy: Light applied on the body at specific points by the laser has been clinically proven to have powerful healing effects. When light is introduced, it carries frequencies to the cells which communicate throughout the body to the brain, causing the release of natural chemicals reducing stress and promoting healing.

Acupoint Stimulation: Acupoints are where peripheral nerves enter a muscle or where the nerve joins with bone. When stimulated with the laser, they activate the meridian or the body’s energetic system to bring about relief, balancing, and to promote healing.

Substance Specific Stress Reduction: Stress is often caused by an inappropriate neurological reaction to environmental triggers, sometimes known as an “allergy”.  The AURA PTL 11 incorporates targeted stress-inducing substances into the light therapy which serve to break these negative associations and painlessly eliminate the debilitating symptoms caused by this response cycle.

Our Therapeutic Process

  • A customized care plan, which includes laser therapy, is developed to address your most pressing concerns.
  • Laser therapy sessions take 10 – 30 minutes and typically consist of 3 to 10 visits. Most people begin to see results after the first session.
  • A supplement plan is designed to optimize healing and work in conjunction with other therapeutic remedies.
  • Creation of a maintenance program to ensure your long-term health and wellness goals are reached and sustained.

Benefits of the AURA PTL 11 Program

  • Noninvasive and painless
  • Customized homeopathic and supplementation program to enhance therapeutic outcomes
  • Personalized long-term plan to maintain long-term wellness
  • No side effects, no down time, no pharmaceuticals
  • Package plans available
  • Effective and long-lasting results

The day of your appointment

  • Avoid eating one hour before your appointment
  • Be sure to drink plenty of water 24 hours before to be well hydrated.
  • Most treatments involve treating acupuncture points on the lower leg, forearms and back. Wear loose pants that you can roll up above the knee.
  • Please do not wear fragrances (perfume, aftershave or cologne) on the day of your visit.

After your treatment

For three hours after your treatment we recommend if possible you avoid:

  • Shopping
  • Going to a restaurant
  • Visiting a hair salon, barber shop, or nail salon
  • Chewing gum and breath mints
  • Drinking anything except water
  • Eating
  • Doing anything that is highly stressful or stimulating
  • Massage, acupuncture, vigorous exercise, hot tubs, steam rooms, and swimming pools.

This is to avoid exposure to various foods and chemicals that you might eat, drink, breathe, or put on your skin and are recommended for best results, but not a requirement.

These suggestions based on years of practical experience. You may be able to break some or all of the rules and do just fine. However, you will have the best chance for success if you follow these suggestions for three hours, a small price to pay for long-term benefits.

“I had been in an awful accident a year ago, hit by a hit and run van while I was riding my bicycle.  I had been experiencing chronic pain in the leg that took the full impact of the vehicle, as well as in my low back.  Linda offered to use the laser on my leg and back.  The results were pretty dramatic in terms of pain relief.  I usually felt enormous relief from the pain while the laser treatment was still in progress.  Then I would continue to have significant relief for days afterward.  The severe sharp pain I was having in my knee is now completely gone, even though I am being told by orthopedists that I need a knee replacement.  Most of the back pain is also gone except when I move in ways I know I shouldn’t.

An interesting effect of the laser though was on my overall anxiety level, which has been high since the accident.  During a laser treatment I would feel a calmness come over me.  I could take a slow deep relaxing breath instead of the shallower breathing I had been doing.  With the calmness I would be able to think in more positive and helpful ways.  Also, I could sleep much better at night on the days I had the laser treatment.

As a physician, I had been skeptical whether the laser could help pain conditions.  I was shown that it can and does help enormously.”  JD, Grantham, NH


“I was skeptical about laser treatment  for pain but I figured I had nothing to lose. During the first treatment I wasn’t noticing any difference but soon after leaving and arriving home I noted the pain was not there, it had gradually subsided.  I was quite excited about that.  I slept wonderfully that night with little discomfort. A few days later the intense discomfort and gripping muscles came back affecting my nerves as before.  I had another treatment with Linda and again the difference was notable.  But now what I am seeing is the intensity of my issue has waned and has not returned.  I am believing the laser treatment really is working and making an incredible difference.  Thank you Linda for directing me to laser therapy for pain relief.  BG, Bow NH