Therapeutic Ionic Footbath

“The road to health is one that begins with the understanding and commitment to cleanse and detoxify the body, to restore balance, peace and harmony.” Dr Bernard Jensen

Each day we are exposed to unhealthy levels of chemicals coming from the air, the water, and our food.  This “body burden” of toxins accumulates and contributes to health issues that can include:beautiful feet

  1. headaches and migraines
  2. allergies
  3. congestion
  4. arthritis and gout
  5. immune deficiencies
  6. loss of flexibility
  7. skin problems
  8. heart disease
  9. memory deficits
  10. cancer
  11. and more

With over 2000 pores in each foot, the therapeutic ionic footbath is a comfortable way to rid the body of toxins and acid wastes.  The pulsed ionic field (+/-) allows for a gentle release through our bodies lymphatic system.  By facilitating detox and drainage, pH comes into a healthy range and many feel lighter, have more energy, experience immediate pain relief, and a greater sense of well-being.

I had surgery on my right big toe 30 years ago that left my toe with no feeling even when the orthopedic surgeon pricked my toe with a pin. In September 2007 I had my first footbath treatment with Linda Howes, CN.  During the treatment I felt a heavy tingling and throbbing in the toe.  From that day on my toe has normal circulation and feeling!  This has made a great difference in my life.  PR, Wilmot, NH



Special package of 10 – $450 (Pay for 9 & get 1 free)