FAQ of Cleansing

WHAT IS Cleansing?

Cleansing involves dietary and lifestyle changes that reduce the intake of toxins while improving the neutralizing and elimination of toxins from the body. Since our health is largely determined by our ability to detoxify we want to support this important process. A guided cleanse provides the information and support you will need not only to experience a comprehensive cleanse, but to learn how you can maintain the benefits for life.

Cleansing is unlike other treatments, which often simply suppress symptoms.  This program teaches valuable knowledge about personal health and helps instill self-nourishing habits that will help you to make informed and responsible choices toward better health.

“For me, I know this has not only been life altering, it probably has been life saving!!” DP Sunapee, NH

The ins and outs: Although we put much emphasis on what goes into our bodies, it’s equally important that wastes leave our bodies efficiently. We will discuss the benefits of cleansing herbs, digestive support, teas, drinks, and the various foods and rituals that will support your cleansing process. You may learn more than you wanted to know about your colon and your entire digestive process, BUT you will come out of it with the tools and knowledge to maintain that new sense of well being. Cleansing is a powerful step towards reclaiming your health.

How do I know I need to cleanse?

If you experience any of these symptoms: fatigue (often the first sign of ill health), mood swings, sleep disturbances, brain fog, mental confusion, anxiety, muscle and joint aches and pains, GI problems, gas and bloating, irritable bowel, constipation, heart burn, hemorrhoids, excessive weight, allergies, headaches, or skin problems, then you would benefit from cleansing.

What are the benefits of cleansing?

Enjoy more energy, mental clarity, and a greater sense of well-being. Gain more youthfulness in spirit, mind and body as you slow the aging process. Improved digestion and elimination, better eating habits, eliminate food cravings, weight loss, reduce stress, stable moods, improved flexibility, glowing and vibrant skin, restful sleep, and reduced risk factors for disease. Increase creativity, greater motivation, and productivity. Increased awareness, reconnect with your spirit and your own inner guidance.

What do I have to give up? You don’t HAVE to give up anything.  I help you discover what foods help your body to restore its natural balance and what ones impede the progress. Once you experience the positive benefits from the changes you make you will be motivated to make more of them. In this way you won’t feel like you have “given up” anything. You will gain energy, balance, focus, restfulness, all because you have given your body a break.

Will I ever drink/eat (fill in the blank) again? Some otherwise healthy foods that are not on the cleanse can be reintroduced after the cleanse. Others (can you say sugar, in all it’s guises?) are best to limit or avoid whenever possible. Some people may cleanse once or twice a year, and each time incorporate a few more permanent healthy changes. Many people think they cannot give up something permanently, but discover after cleansing that they no longer crave it. The choice is yours and your own feeling of wellness will be your guide.

Do I have to eat tofu? Not one bite! Cleanse friendly food is really whole, real, food, as close to its natural, unprocessed form as you can get it. It is generally easy to prepare, easy to enjoy and does not require the disguise of complicated flavorings and preparation. One unanticipated benefit many people discover is that when whole foods are prepared and available in the house, kids gladly choose them over commercial snack foods.

“After a week on the cleanse casual acquaintances started commenting on how good my skin looked. After two weeks they said I was glowing. Cleanse fee: $250, Ground flaxseeds: $6, Quinoa: $2.10/lb. Getting told, three weeks after my first class that I look 10 years younger: Priceless!”  EM, Hanover, NH