DUMP THE JUNK! A Guided Cleanse and Detox Program

Now there is a way to feel better than ever! Detoxification is the most important natural health tool providing superior therapeutic results which can be felt almost immediately.
Our bodies are naturally designed to detoxify. When our detox system becomes overloaded and congested the process becomes less efficient and then symptoms often occur. Extensive research shows it is not a question of if we are carrying a burden of toxins, but rather how toxic overload is affecting our health. Studies have shown the average American’s toxic body burden is over 700 chemicals!

At the core of every illness is the exposure to environmental toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, plastics, industrial pollutants, medications, food and cosmetic additives, and more. There are over 100,000 synthetic chemicals in use, few have been tested for safety, and none have been tested for synergistic interactions. Our exposure begins before birth and lasts our lifetime. Many toxins are considered endocrine disruptors, wrecking havoc with our body’s hormonal and communication systems.
Start with the Standard American Diet (SAD), add a serving of chronic stress, season with exposure to environmental pollutants, and soon we have an overload that not only poisons us, but may also affect the lives of our future generations.
Are you toxic? Click the link to find out.

Knowing that at any moment I can begin again, gives me the courage to keep trying.”

We are the toxic generation…it’s time we become the detox generation!

Now you can protect yourself from toxins and feel great in two easy steps:

  • First, is to reduce your exposure and intake of toxins and the best place we can do this is with our diet. Your body needs the right fuel; the cleanse cuisine is a whole foods cuisine which is antioxidant rich, blood sugar stabilizing, allergy reducing, and supports detoxification and elimination.
  • Second, support your body’s detoxification capacity. The products recommended in this program set the stage for healing by supporting digestion and elimination, increasing nutrient uptake, balancing pH, replenishing lost minerals, increasing energy, cleansing the liver and colon, and restoring cell hydration.

Symptoms which may be relieved with the DUMP the Junk!:

• Digestive problems
• Heart burn
• Fatigue
• Irritability
• Brain fog/poor concentration
• Constipation
• Hormone imbalance
• Headaches
• Skin blemishes and rashes
• Joint pain
• Weight loss resistance
• Insomnia
• Mood swings

Benefits you may receive from the DUMP the Junk!:

• Anti-aging effects
• Increased energy and productivity
• Weight loss
• Greater motivation and creativity
• Clear skin and eyes
• Improved digestion
• Reduced cravings
• Greater sense of wellbeing
• and much more!

“By the 3rd week my blood sugars were down and blood pressure under control and I lost weight.” GM, Springfield, NH

The DUMP the Junk! Program includes:

3 consultations Our first meeting is up to 90 minutes, with two follow up 30 minute appointments. Appointments are scheduled ideally 7-10 days apart.
Dump the Junk Detox Guide – To guide you through the program; with a shopping list, steps to success, cleanse cuisine and meal suggestions, what to expect, fun and easy tips for enhancing your program, and resources for healthy living.

Cleanse eating plan – customized to your needs and goals.

Staying Nourished; Recipes and Tips for Detox We keep it simple with delicious recipes to support your program.

Dump the Junk Detox Journal one of the biggest secrets to being mindful, staying accountable, and having success!

Nutritional supplements – science based detox support, customized to your needs and goals.

Cost: $275 includes the consultations, your customized cleanse and detox program, the Detox Guide, Recipes, and Journal.

“I have a new glow on my face, lots of energy, and a greater sense of inner peace. I would recommend this cleanse to anyone and everyone.” BL Quechee, VT