Healing Template

The most often recommended starting point for clients is a healing strategy designed to as­sist the body to return to a state of optimal health. This healing strategy works cooperatively with your own organs of drainage and elimination, and safely sets the stage for a deeper level of toxin re­moval if needed.

To get a better understanding of this strategy you can track your own progress with the Healing Template shown below.  This healing template is a guide on how the body heals, from inside out and top down.

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“I have struggled with sinus and ear infections several times a year for my entire life. While I have made significant diet and lifestyle changes that have decreased the frequency that I get sick, when I do get a sinus infection it is a doozie. Recently, after an unsuccessful round of antibiotics and prednisone, I turned to Linda for help. She provided me with a combination of homeopathic and botanical remedies as well as an herbal anti-inflammatory that I used according to her directions. Within 2 weeks my infection was entirely resolved and I felt much better than after being on antibiotics and steroids. This approach felt healthier and, while slower, was much more effective overall.” SM Wilmot, NH